Lisbon Museum is partner of Heritage 2016

The organizing committee is proud to announce that the Lisbon Museum is now partner of Heritage 2016.

The entity will provide to the delegates a technical visit to one of its venues: Palácio Pimenta. Besides, it will support the organizing committee in providing social visits to the other four venues: Teatro Romano, Santo António, Torreão Poente and Casa dos Bicos.

Lisbon Museum is the new name of the City Museum. A name that brings along a new concept: a multi-branched museum, in which Lisbon and its stories reveal themselves under different perspectives. As mentioned, the Lisbon Museum comprises five distinct places with complementary themes and goals, share a mission, an identity and a new image. The purpose is to present Lisbon in different ways, in order to convey the richness of one of the oldest cities in Europe.


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