COVID-19 - update and decisions

The Organising Committee of Heritage 2020 have been following all national and international recommendations and impositions on what concerns the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Till a week ago we were still hoping for a quicker end to this outbreak, but the present perspectives are not so optimistic. The Portuguese Government and National Health Department, following the WHO recommendations, are planning for (at least) one or two more months until we will be able to resume "normal life"; the European Commission just advised against "Summer holidays".

As such it is clear now that we will not be able to keep the original plan for Heritage 2020.
For the first time since we started this Conference, back in 2008, we are forced to change plans.

The Organising Committee considered 3 possibilities:
- postpone the event to September/October; however, it is not sure that we would be able to have it then - another outbreak of this virus might occur, flights might not be working (or be too expensive), the Coimbra University facilities might not be available due to changes in the academic calendar, etc., etc. We considered too risky to believe that in Sept/Oct everything would run smoothly.

- postpone one year; however, that would clash with the normal flow of Green Lines conferences and break the sequence of Heritage editions (always in even years); furthermore, all your work preparing this year's paper could be lost and/or outdated.

- organise the conference on-line; however, that would be technically very difficult due to the overwhelming pressure on the net infrastructure (with all classes happening on-line, on-line meetings, work from home, etc.) and extremely exasperating in terms of schedule: what would be suitable for Australia would be impossible for Canada, what would be comfortable for Europe would be rather inconvenient for South America...

The solution we reach, and are proposing to you, is to keep the publication of the Proceedings under ISBN and ISSN - we are working on the indexation of this year's publication - but with no physical or on-line discussion. Obviously this demands a few changes in the original scheme of the conference:

--> only one fee will apply for all Delegates who decide to publish, the amount of which is reduced to 280.00 euros.
--> 10% reduction for new members of Green Lines will obviously apply
--> Members of the Scientific Committee have their fees waived in total, as normal, and are very welcome to submit and publish one paper in this

--> the will be published under ISBN and ISSN
--> we are working on its indexation
--> rules of double-blind peer-review will be kept as usual

--> new deadline for abstracts submission: 17th May 2020
--> new deadline for full-papers submission: 31st July 2020
--> new deadline for registration&payment: 13th September 2020
--> publication of the book no later then the end of October 2020

If you submitted an abstract and agree with this solution please let us know at your earliest convenience by replying to the e.mail message we sent today.

We deeply regret to cancel the on-site conference and hope to meet you all in person in future events.

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