HERITAGE 2018 will be held at Granada, Spain.
The venue will be at the School of Arts and Humanities - University of Lisbon.

The city of Granada

Lisbon had been the capital of the country since the 13th century, mainly due to its central location and the excellent connection with the Atlantic. During the maritime discoveries and the centuries that followed Lisbon was one of the major centres of Europe: people, commodities, richness from all over the World arrived there and was sent to all other major cities in the Old Continent. With the industrial revolution Lisbon gained new areas and some heavy industries were located in its surroundings; the population grew significantly.

Lisbon is located at 38°42′49.75″N 9°8′21.79″W, situated at the North bank of the Tagus River. The city occupies an area of 84.94 km2 (33 sq mi), and its city boundaries, unlike those of most major cities, are narrowly defined by its historical centre. The rest of the urbanised area of the Lisbon metropolitan area is known generically as Greater Lisbon Nowadays this region concentrates a significant part of the country's population: circa 3 million people (approximately 1/3 of Portugal's population) live there. Inside the city limits the number of permanent inhabitants exceeds 500.000.

The School of Arts and Humanities - University of Lisbon

The School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon was funded in 1911, after the Republican Revolution (1910) and followed the project of King Pedro the 5th who had funded the "Higher Degree in Arts" in 1859. Its main areas of research and teaching are Philosophy, History, Languages and Literatures (Classical and Modern). More recently the degrees in Arts and Humanities, Science of Culture and Performance Studies among others modernised the curricula. Circa 240 Professors (23 full-Professors) teach there and the Faculty counts circa 4.000 students plus circa 700 foreign students per year.

Alameda da Universidade
1600-214 Lisboa

+351 217 920 000

Public transports:
Metro - Cidade Universitária (yellow line)
Bus - 31, 35, 732, 738, 768